People, Process, Technology: Breakthru Beverage's Story of Building a Data Governance Organization

Breakthru Beverage's journey started with a vision, strategy, and team of one. We are now a team of 15 and four years into our journey. Our company lacked adequate data-quality tools, had inefficient business processes, and was organizationally decentralized. We have since implemented SAP Information Steward and are exploring front-end data management tools.


Mark Chakar, Director of Data Governance, Breakthru Beverage Group

Mark has worked 20+ years in the beverage/alcohol industry (Pepsi, Diageo, and BBG) across Operations, IT, and Data Governance, and participated in the MLB open tryout for the Kansas City Royals and Cincinnati Reds.

Dan Harter, Manager of Data Governance, Breakthru Beverage Group

Dan has spent 22+ years in the alcoholic beverage wholesale industry, starting as Computer Operations, BI Developer, Business Manager, Leader of Sales and Marketing Analytics, and now Data Governance. He spends the winter months volunteering his time on National Ski Patrol during weekends.

AI in Master Data Management - Predictive Maintenance of SAP Supply Chain Data

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are real. We show how a machine learning algorithm suggests data quality rules and predicts values for the maintenance of SAP supply chain data.


Marc Hoffman, Head of Enterprise Information Management, Camelot Management Consultants, Inc.

Head of Enterprise Information Management, Camelot Management Consultants, Inc.

Marc has 9+ years of experience in providing customized global strategies, process design, governance standards, organization concepts, data quality management approaches and IT solutions. Since 2016 he is representing Camelot’s EIM competence in NA. Marc is a common contributor to data management publications as well as a speaker at conferences around the world.

Assessing and Measuring Dataset Governance Maturity at General Mills

How do you define data governance success and progress? General Mills developed a target data governance maturity assessment and utilized metadata quality reports to track data governance progress. This assessment allowed General Mills to assess current dataset maturity, establish data governance goals by dataset, and measure progress via metadata quality reporting.


Kristine Rennaker, Data Governance Consultant, General Mills

Kristine Rennaker has several years of experience work with data starting in business intelligence early in her career, to data migration, to her most recent role as a Data Governance Consultant at General Mills. In her recent role, Kristine helps to lead adoption of standardized data stewardship practices across General Mills and helps foster a culture with data governance as a standard practice. She also provides data governance consulting on many projects within the company.